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Liberal bicycle commuter, political junkie, policy junkie, free thinker, I've got too many titles. All in all I'll leave it with a quote from the late Senator Paul Wellstone of Minn. "Politics is not about big money and power games, it's about the improvment of peoples lives."


February 01, 2006

Even Though I Am Only A Buck 60 Look Out I'm Hardcore

Yeah I'm feeling all hardcore and gang like after listening to Jon's bicycle podcast from the Bay. Bikescape is a great podcast and at the end of his cast today he had the bicycle rapper Fossil Fuel lay'n down some kick'n tracks. Yeah that's right when I go to work tonight whenever that may be I'm going to get all brutal on the motorist, no mercy brothers and sisters.

I love cranking hard staying with the traffic and take'n the lane, yeah that's right bitches drive around the block like a hamster in a Habitrail while I pick my lane jump the curb and lock up on your little slutty parking meter that you just found and cherish like it is some slim little tart of a woman, caressing as you feed her coins.


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