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February 18, 2006

Google Holds It's Line

As I wrote a few weeks ago Google was rejecting the government's demand for a data base of search inquires. Now Google has formally rejected the government's demand. Yeah yeah I know it's for child porn says Gonzales..... bullshit. You know god damn well what Gonzales wants. Good job Google I just hope that they can hold under the pressure. As the article states there are many secrets that would be reviled in regard to Google's highly protected search engine technology. Maybe, just maybe the government wants to knock them down a bit and give back some power to Microsoft. You know as well as I do that Google is way, way better than Microsoft as far as a search engine goes.

This is a good example of the government wanting more and more information on citizens private lives. All of this under the banner of trying to stop child porn. I can see through this and it's as thin as paper.


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