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February 01, 2006

He's Black, Might As Well Beat Him Say The Pigs

Don't you just love the all to common stories of pigs beating black people? Read the article and check out the video. Look I understand that this guy that they beat the shit out of was a worthless pile of shit, I understand that. However, does that give anyone the right to violate someone else's civil rights? I think not.

See the way this will go folks is that one or two pigs will get fired and that will calm everyone down. But here is the problem, when they fire the pigs that is only going to piss off their fellow pigs because they "went down for the worthless pile of shit." In turn now the remaining pigs on the force are going to take it out on the black population.

It's funny how you don't ever see video of pigs beating white people isn't it? That is because pigs hate blacks, no two ways about it. Right here in home town proud I have personally with my own ears listened to a local pig call a black guy the "N" word. See pigs hate blacks.

Hey pig, come try and beat me and see what happens. You will be selling all of your child's duplicate internal organs to pay for food on the table after I get done with your finances.


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