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February 07, 2006

No More Room At The Inn Says FEMA

I came upon an article about the Katrina evacuees and how they are now being given a final notice to move out of the FEMA provided hotel rooms. If you remember the first date was set in December but a judge pushed it back. Now it seems that the final date is going to be February 13th or March 1st.

Sometimes I amaze even myself being the very liberal person that I am I don't really find the middle of February that unreasonable. Look I understand that New Orleans was totally wiped out and these folks lost everything. The Hurricane hit on August 29th, 2005 as a result the evacuees have had to date 5 months to get things back in order. With the new dead line many people are starting to raise hell again. That is fine I don't have a problem with that but honestly if you could poll these people what would be an appropriate time frame for them? How long do they feel that they should be provided with a hotel room?

I work with a guy that uses a phrase that I actually find rather smart. He says when things don't really go your way you have to "improvise and adapt." I honestly can say that those 3 words are some of the smarter words that I've heard in some time. We are a very soft people now days, throw a curve ball into our lives and it seems that often we will totally give up.

Here is what I would have done if I was unfortunate enough to lose everything in the hurricane. First, after I received the check from the government that they gave out I would use part of that money to secure new personal documents so that I was able to obtain a job... any job. I would eat every meal from the Red Cross that I could so I did not have to spend my own money. Next, find a job and save the money, you don't have rent so that should not be too hard. By this time you should have more plenty of money for a deposit and rent for a reasonable apartment.

Anyway, that is my thoughts on this sordid little tale. Leave a comment and comfort me because at this point I feel like a heartless Republican.


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