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February 22, 2006

NYC Has It Crammed Up Their Ass

Awwwww NYC officials guess that sucks for you fuck tards. Attempting to eradicate critical mass just didn't work for you huh? Hey Bloomberg your not trying to quash freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and the freedom to travel are you? Jesus H Christ I guess you are! I find it funny that the judge rejected all three motions by the city.

Honestly how do the bicycles of critical mass differ from automobiles? Both end up blocking traffic, in fact both are traffic. NYC wanted to ban critical mass from gathering in the park, give me a break. So according to them a people on bicycles would not be allowed in the park. Last but certainly not least, NYC wanted to ban a web site from posting information on critical mass, jesus.

What a joke, I'm actually almost embarrassed for NYC and their police state type tactics.


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