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February 25, 2006

Peace Keepers Like Their Women Young.....Like 10

Being the human rights watchdog that I am I was sitting here listening to some kick'n beats from the U.K. thinking about the international sex trade. I'm trying to decide if international sex trafficing of young women and 10 year old girls could ever be stopped. My thought on the matter is not real positive. I guess when the United Nations place "peace keepers" in African nations and they feel the need to bang a 10 year old I don't have a lot of hope. What's more the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the U.N. actually forbids this by means of the "major principles."

Here is what I think, sex trafficing may take a hit every now and then but for the most part I think it is going to thrive for some time to come. I think that major players in the world don't like it but stop short of an all out assault on the trafficing. I believe this because I think that these people (who are all men of course) don't condone the behavior but "understand" men's needs while placed in some far off land. Furthermore, as I firmly believer and have written about in the past women are "less than" men and will continue to be exploited around the world because men have the power.

That is my deep thought for the evening. My wife actually know a great deal about the subject, she has read many books and researched the topic.


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