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February 17, 2006

Second Thoughts On The Wood Fenders

My wood fenders came in the mail the other day and I must say they are absolutely beautiful. I knew full well that to install them on the Vanilla that I would have to do a bit of "engineering" to make them fit. As I started to take off the SKS fenders I began to think that this is going to be a ton of work (just trust me on this one.) I decided that once the fenders were installed that they were not going to be coming off because of the work involved. My SKS fenders are absolutely great because they hug the tires so well and I never get wet whereas the wood fenders are a bit more open (again I knew this going into it.)

I'm thinking that these fenders are for another bike on another day. If I was not dead set on riding the Vanilla in rain, slush and whatever else then yes I would run the woodies full time. For the time being I am going to wrap the fenders up and shelve them while I contemplate a bike to install them on. Maybe this summer I will put the wood fenders on the Vanilla when the weather is a bit more forgiving.

Maybe I just don't have the patience right now because it is like below zero out and tonight it is suppose to get down to 20 below.

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