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February 23, 2006

Tipping Point

Has anyone out there been paying any attention to the current situation in Iraq? Well I have and for the past couple weeks things have really been going down hill. We are now at a point where civil war is actually a very possible reality. You want to talk about death and destruction just wait. If civil war breaks out your going to see dead women and children every where.

I'm totally drop jawed at our President. You thought Jimmy Carter was not a good President. You thought that Carter was basically a failure at being President. Wow, if this Iraq deal goes way south your looking at probably the biggest failure of a presidency that you could ever have. Does it not surprise you though? Look, Bush has failed at literally everything he has ever done in his life. I for one hope that George pulls something out of his ass or a lot of people are going to die. This is sick and we should not even be there, jesus christ.

Remember, it's just not a good idea to mix religion with politics as one can clearly see in Iraq. Our forefathers knew this and that is why we have the separation of church and state... or I guess the bastardization of the idea now anyway.


Comments on "Tipping Point"


Blogger 3p0 said ... (2/23/2006 1:54 PM) : 

I think your being to hard on the guy,

he's good at a lot of things.

adding words and vocabulary to the english language,

gettin time off,

limiting his public time to forums that are only "safe, and pro bush"

and it's not just his presidency he's achived things at,

in shcool,
he was able to score blow...
and get away with it whilst his old man was in the cia....

dudes got more moves than a ninja.

(but of course, you know how I really feal about the guy. I thing it's something we have in common....)

hey, have a good one dude.


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