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February 18, 2006

W. Calls On NATO

I can't begin to tell you how important this move is from the white house Darfur has been experiencing genocide for some time now. As the article states the U.S. is not necessarily going to play a larger role in Darfur but the word is coming from the White House, often that is enough to get some action around the world.

You must understand that in the South of Sudan everyday human beings are committing atrocities against fellow human beings on a daily basis. Gang rape, slotter, burning alive, and on and on. Sudan is a world away and their existence to you and me might not make much of a difference in our daily lives but these are citizens of the world just like you and I and they need help. I'm a big fan of the term "citizen of the world" because long before there were boarders we inhabited this globe and moved freely throughout it. As a result I see some of my fellow citizens being slottered and they need help. Do I advocate a military solution to it... no not really I believe the government of Sudan in Khartoum can be ousted without much of an effort.


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