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February 07, 2006

Why Don't You Just Go Kill All Of Them Ollie

Damn I thought Ollie was a has been, guess not. Hannity brings him onto prime time to talk about "Muslim extremist" yeah that's about your speed Oliver. "no such thing as an Islamic moderate" What the hell is that Oliver? Are you saying that everyone in America that proscribes to Islam is a radical? Christ maybe we better go round them up Oliver. Why on earth would he make such a broad accusation?

This guy has no credibility. Instead of being looked at as some national hero he should be in the Leavenworth Federal Pen for his crimes in the 80s. It's people like Oliver that give the rest of us a bad name. Jesus no wonder why some hate us. Here's this guy going out and making this accusation, others hear it and then feel threatened.

Oliver has about as much credibility as G. Gordon Liddy who should be in prison as well but for some reason they give him a talk show and continue to invite him onto TV shouting matches filled with Republicans.


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