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March 21, 2006

The divine hand guides Katherine

Every once in a while a story comes down the pike that really makes me want to puke. Katherine Harris the two-term Congress woman from Florida thinks God wants her to run for the Senate. Oh Katherine, your so so full of yourself. What Katherine, did God come down in some cloud formation and say "Katherine I want you to run for Ben Nelson's Senate seat. Additionally, Katherine raise all kinds of blood sucking money so your in debt to the folks that put you there." Aaaaa.....bullshit. What a total load of crap.

Honestly to each there own, but when people start making statements that some cloud being has spoken to them and told them to run for office, I find that wrong. Why is it wrong? It's wrong because then said person will then govern by a "divine hand" instead of governing for what is best for the country. I think people like Katherine Harris threaten the separation of church and state. I can't stand religion so get it the hell out of my politics, it's not suppose to be there in the first place.

It's probably not a real big issue anyway because her campaign is torpedoed anyway. She can't raise shit for money because she's out of the mainstream.


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