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March 08, 2006

Hand Built Bicycle Show Goings On

Has anyone seen the bikes from the Hand Made Bicycle show in San Jose? Some pretty nice ones I must say. It's pretty fresh so right now you have to dig fro them a bit but they are there.

Sacha built up a tricycle (for I assume his daughter) and it is pretty rad. The wheels were spun by Phil and the trike takes on a vintage look (to me anyway.) I had some business to conduct by phone in Portland and I was let in on the trike a while ago and all I could think about was how cool it was going to look and I wasn't disappointed by any means.

Did the trike win best of show like Sacha's bike did last year... nope. That is what's cool though... hey after winning best of show what the hell else is there you have a totally open pallet and you can build as weird or off the wall that you want to.

Oh yeah he also won best fillet brazed frame last year as well (that is just a god damn talent there I must say.) I won't make the same mistake I did this year by planning a holiday at the same time as the HBS. That's OK though my wife and I had a really great time.


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