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March 26, 2006

Hey a positive post!!!!!!!!

Being the pessimist that I am at times it's hard to recognize the good things. I read an article in Newsweek about the purchase of wind energy by ski resorts to power everything from their ski lifts to the lights in their hotel. This is really really a good step in the right direction. Maybe as time goes on other companies will see the benefit and sign onto the idea as well. Let's see, if I remember correctly Nike was another company that bought massive blocks of energy produced by wind. Hey I know that Nike has 6 year olds making shoes in a third world country but we can't all be perfect right? Honestly I'm not making light of it, it just sounds that way.

I'm going to do some more research on the subject to find out what other companies are making an effort to have a more sustainable business but at the moment I got home at 4 this morning and I'm going back at 2 this afternoon so I will have only been home for 12 or 13 hours in the last 2 1/2 days so right now that is on the back burner.


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Blogger Filemore said ... (3/27/2006 7:45 PM) : 

Patagonia, Chris King, Simple's new shoe line called Green Toe, Check into the 1% towards the planet donation started by Yvon Chounaird. You really should check out the book called "Natural Capitalism" if you are getting into this stuff. It is really good and the new pink or black or whatever you want to call it.


Blogger Filemore said ... (3/27/2006 7:46 PM) : 

Also, MION footwear is buying blocks of wind/solar energy to offset their impact.


Blogger Bicycle Commuter Mike said ... (3/28/2006 7:23 PM) : 

Hey Butch thanks for the additions. Yeah as soon as I get some time I'm going to read up on it a bit further, right now I'm beating my head against the wall every day at work.

So far I think the wind energy thing is really neat, it's a super idea. I just wonder though how far progressive thinking and ideas will go, there's so much working against them.

America is so big, so rich, so strong and has such smart people I just wish we could make an "all out" policy shift in regard to energy. An idea of sorts that people would almost believe unable to achieve.

thnks Butch



Blogger Filemore said ... (3/30/2006 8:10 AM) : 

I think it is a function of making the common consumer having to reach too deep into their pocket to keep paying for the energy source that we currently consume. At the point where we no longer subsidize the use of fossil fuels, automobiles, ...okay maybe it will take some time. WE just need to keep getting more and more people informed of the issues so that they can see a better way for themselves.

What were your thoughts about "Asphault Nation"?


Blogger Bicycle Commuter Mike said ... (3/30/2006 8:48 AM) : 

Butch, I'm only half done with the book, I keep it in my overnight bag that I take with me at work. As a result I've been reading at a rather slow pace. Your right though the book is chucked full of information.

The whole energy consumption thing in my opinion could be drawn down some. My wife and I try to make a effort to consume less, handle the thermostat with kid gloves, recycle of course, and when we do drive we try to pick the smartest rout that will enable us to get done what we need to get done.

We don't suffer, we don't do without we just try and give things a little thought. As far as cars go, my Dad read an article in the Wall Street Journal and in a poll people said they would not change their driving habits until fuel hit $5.50. Cars are sooo engrained into our thoughts I honestly don't think anything will ever change unless some "event" happens. Oh yeah, forgot to mention... people just don't care anyway.

My wife and I certainly are not off grid living, granola eating, bead making folks but we do try and lead lives that make a little less impact on our enviornment. If everyone did this our country would not have some of the problems that it currently has, and my wife and I want for nothing...hmmmm


Blogger Filemore said ... (3/31/2006 10:38 AM) : 

and you probably want for nothing because you live a fullfilling life and lifestyle. HMmmmm. Maybe there is something there.

The car is definately ingrained into people's everyday life.


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