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March 22, 2006

Lid or Lidless?

Matt Seaton wrote a quick article on bike helmets, to wear or not to wear. I myself wear a helmet 98% of the time. Do I like helmets, no I hate them. I hate the strap and I hate the feeling of the thing on my head. I wear a helmet because I hit my head on cement many years back (not crashing on a bike) and to this day I can not believe that it did not kill me or at the least "gork" me forever. I hit so hard that I puked and was "not well" for a while. I never want to have that feeling again.

The second reason I wear a helmet is because I ride on the street every day and many things are out of my control. I'm confident that I can handle the streets but I don't feel the same way about motorists. Motorists can wipe you out, so in my opinion a helmet is a rather good idea to protect yourself from people in death boxes.

Helmets suck, I'll be the first one to say it but I will say this, it's better than being a vegetable until I croak. Actually whenever I get the wild hair to go "lidless" I try to think about the idea of being hooked up to a machine for the rest of my life. Yeah yeah I know live a little, take some risks. I already did that in my late teens and early twenties, I did things that would make most freak and call me a bold faced liar. As a result I'm fine with the helmet thing, don't like them but it's better than the alternative I guess.


Comments on "Lid or Lidless?"


Blogger 3p0 said ... (3/24/2006 3:46 PM) : 

I love my new lid, actually I loved my old lid a lot, but the new one is top notch,

if you spend some dough, get a really top end helmet, you actually start liking to wear your lid.

customize it up, get one that fits really well.

spend the dough, 129 for an E-2 or a Zen,

you can really drop some coin on a roady helmet I think the giro animas is like 180,

but man, it feals soooo good,

and you sticker it up, get a good color you like, paint some graphics on it. oh snap, you'll love wearing it.

I do.


Blogger Bicycle Commuter Mike said ... (3/24/2006 5:59 PM) : 

Yeah I know you are for sure fairly right. I've got a couple helmets one is mid-range and the other is high end. the mid-range one I sent off several years ago and had a street rod pen striper do it up and it is super cool but I still hate helmets.

The truth of the matter is this, for a helmet to be effective your stap does actually have to fit fairly snug. I've read a few stories of helmets "popping off" in a bad crash because the strap was not tight enough even though the person thought otherwise.

I'll never like helmets no matter what but I will always wear them because I don't want my head to end up looking like a plate of Italian cuisine.

Your point is well taken though, you can do a few things to get them jazzed up.



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