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March 09, 2006

The Morning After Pill...It's So In The News

I guess the "morning after pill" has a few people up in arms. Legislation is being drawn up all over the country to further restrict it or make it easier to get. As I sit here and think about this entire idea of conceived, not conceived, pro choice, pro life it really makes me want to puke. Hey you know what side of the fence I fall on on this issue but maybe you could explain to me how taking a pill the "morning after" somehow kills a baby. I mean come on seriously that tiny little egg that just got penetrated by a spermy last night somehow represents a baby....I don't buy it for a second and I don't think most folks do either.

Buuuuuut you have a movement of people who are so extreme right wing that.... well for one thing believe that women belong in the kitchen... but I digress. A movement of people who are stuck with this thought of eternal hell fire if they don't behave a certain way... "flat earthers." "Oh shit she just took the morning after pill, she's going right to hell because God said so." What a bunch of crap.

I'm a firm believer that one can be a great person without the need for any religion or belief in their life. I'm a perfect example of that I don't hurt anyone, I help others, I tread lightly on this globe and so on.


Comments on "The Morning After Pill...It's So In The News"


Blogger budda43 said ... (3/09/2006 8:04 AM) : 

I am sometimes amazed at how much you sound like me sometimes. Or, more specifically, how I used to sound.

I know what side of the fence you fall on Mike but I also know that you often argue the point that "men" should stay out of the business of regulating abortion because of our lack of understanding of the feminine mind and body.

In a very similar fashion, I would argue that non-parents should mind what they say as well.

Granted, I did not see my son the morning after he was conceived - but I saw him in utero at 3.5 weeks. I saw his heart beating, I saw his arms and legs moving, I saw his head swaying. He was a baby.

I feel that aborting children, for now, is a necessary evil - one that must be lived and dealt with by our society in hopes that someday, we may progress pass the needs for such recklessness. But in the meantime, let us not make the road to recklessness a freeway for any irresponsible sorority girl to jump on.


Blogger Bicycle Commuter Mike said ... (3/09/2006 8:18 AM) : 

Budda, what up brotha? Hey I was just in your neck of the woods a couple days ago. I went from sunny 85 to dropping out of the clouds ans seeing frick'n snow, that sucked.

Anyway, I respect your comment and your thoughts, you know that. I just disagree I think the whole idea that you are aborting a "baby" by taking a pill the morning after you have some hot sex is almost freakish in nature.

I'm now at the point with this issue that if the woman is forced to have laws on her body I without question want the same for men (it's only fair.) What those laws could be I don't know but I demand them. Oh thaaaaat's right men would NEVER allow it.

Hey Budda....great to hear from you again thanks for the comment.

As a sidebar to this little exchange, notice people how budda and I totally disagree on this issue but we are civil to each other and we respect each others thoughts, I think that is great.


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