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March 11, 2006

New Rack

I got the new rack on the front of my mountain bike this evening. After running a racks and panniers for the last few months I now can not stand to use a back pack to carry all my crap to work.

The rack is an Old Man Mountain which I have a link to if you care to invest in one. I'd put the link right here but I am far, far too tired to make the effort right now. I worked all day and banged out some serious overtime so your going to have to do a bit of the work yourself.

I'm running two of these racks on my Vanilla although they are a little less "burly" they are like the step down from this model and I love them.

Oh and yes, and that is a 1998 Judy XC fork. I had the same thing on there before but it totally wore out to the point it was not functional anymore as a device to hold your front wheel. I don't believe in spending 500 bucks for a new one, this one.... 100 bucks NOS on Ebay.


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