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March 29, 2006

OnStar saved my sorry butt

Today I was listening to the radio and one of those OnStar commercials came on. They always kill me because you would think that the poor sap that called or "paged" the OnStar representative was on his death bed because he locked his keys in his car.

So this guy calls and tells the rep. that he locked his keys in his car (highly concerned tone.) She says "no problem I'll unlock your doors for you." They went back and forth a little more and then she says "Do you want to call me or should I call you back when your door is unlocked?" (Words to that effect anyway.) This guy is totally distraught and says in a concerned voice "call me back." I ask why, why does she have to call him back? Is he that soft or that big of a pussy that he needs the comfort of the rep. AFTER his problem is solved?
At that point she calls him back and in a loud voice he professes his "love for OnStar."

Give me a break puss cake, get your safety blanket out of the closet from your childhood you wennie boy. He loves OnStar? Wow that is odd, he "needs" the rep. to call him back? Good God. We're a society of pussies and I hope for everyone's sake we never experience some nation changing event because we'll be lost.


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