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March 24, 2006

Where's the love?

It simply amazes me, I will get email telling me that I am full of crap. In the email the individual will refer to a couple articles, a couple quotes and some questionable facts. After all of that is said and done they do some cheap shot personal attack on me as like a "ha told you." If right off the bat I can tell that they have no idea what they are talking about then I usually don't respond and let them have their 5 minutes of fame. On the other hand, if I feel that they have their facts wrong and they still feel the need to attack me personally then I will spend an hour or so explaining why they are incorrect.

I read or listen to 75 to 80 different news sources every day. I'm well educated and I happen to know a lot of details about things other people would consider highly boring. Am I always right... of course not. I will say this though when someone rips me apart in an email and I write back and explain why they are wrong and show that their facts are inaccurate, that really bends folks out of shape.

I find it interesting, when someone is able to enlighten me regardless if I'm wrong or not I gladly except that. I love learning more and anytime someone offers up new or more accurate information I welcome it.

Oh as a side bar to this little tale, if you are one of those folks who email me and rip me apart. Please don't call me a fuck, fucker, fuck stick, fuck head, fucking fucker. This is not reasonable and trust me I find you to be a very very "dull" person at that point.


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