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March 18, 2006

Women Serve Men.... Understand?

From time to time one will hear people say that as an American you have a patriotic duty to serve in the military, it's your duty, your obligation. I've always had a problem with that view. Why you might ask? One reason I am not a big military gung ho buff is because when you get injured or killed you end up swimming in a sea of red tape. It's so amazing that when you lay down your life for your country your country in turn lies to your family, won't pay your family what they are due and so on and so fourth.

Some time ago I had an interesting conversation with someone I work with. He was in Vietnam. He in fact did 3 tours, 2 by requirement and 1 by volunteering. His job for a great deal of that time was to walk around in the jungle carrying a sawed off 12 gauge shot gun with 00 buck loaded in it. His job was to eliminate close range "stuff." He told me that the military basically hangs you out to dry after you serve and that under no circumstance are you "obligated" to serve a country that won't serve you. I found it to be an interesting conversation coming from someone who has seen shit that I can't even imagine, what's more did it for three tours.

Let me tell you another reason I don't do military, sex crimes. Yeah you know what, I don't hang out with people who commit sex crimes as well as people who cover it up. "Oh yeah but Bicycle Commuter Mike the military has a new policy encouraging the women who have been raped to come forward.".....BULLSHIT.... this is nothing but a bit of damage control. Lets face it this is just another example of men "understanding" that men have needs. One can see this in United Nations scandals not to mention the HUGE sex trade industry that seems to thrive all over the globe.

I'm a very firm believer that subconsciously many people in power from Senators to Pentagon brass "understand" that men have needs. Of course they would never admit to it in fact they may not even realize that they feel this way but I think deep down they "understand" it.

I myself do not feel an obligation to serve in the military because I don't like rape and I don't like rape being covered up. I actually have tons of information on military injustice and the way families are treated but it's far too much for a blog. If I ever start podcasting I will do a program on that for sure.


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