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April 18, 2006

Another excellent program on PBS

Last night my wife and I were watching NOW on public television. The topic this week was South Dakota's new abortion law that virtually makes all abortions illegal in that state (although it has not went into effect yet.) NOW did a super job (as usual) covering both sides of the abortion issue.

During the program one of the central people being interviewed was Leslee Unruh from
the Alpha Center which is a facility that offers women's services. With a couple exceptions, no abortions, no birth control and they believe the only "right" way or "pure" way is abstinence. Throughout the entire program Unruh continued to raise points that she claimed were scientifically fact concerning long term effects on women after abortion, abstinence and so on. Unfortunately for Ms. Unruh her "facts" were nothing but false tales proven wrong time and time again.

The wierdest part of the entire program was the "purity ball" hosted by Alpha Center. The purity ball was a bunch of little girls some as young as 8 all dressed up as though it was prom. What's more they were there with their fathers only and the idea was that these girls recited a little "promise" to their dads that they would stay "pure" until marriage. This really looked weird and had all the ear marks of a cult like program. The interesting thing about this little "ball" is that it's been proven time and time again that the girls that make the "pledge" fail 90% of the time and are more likely to have sex without protection.

Although I totally disagree with Ms Unruh I certainly respect her opinion. Strawberry, chocolate, vanilla we all have different tastes. I find it strange That she seems almost totally opposed to sex in the first place, it's like she's got a hang up or something. She continues to deny cold hard facts in the interest of promoting her agenda that seems to have a few flaws in it. Again, I respect her belief I don't respect her distortion of the truth. Unruh is a very motivated person and in my opinion that's good. I may not agree with her but she believes in her cause and I support that...just not her distortions.

I find it rather odd, in the United States sex is so taboo, it's dirty you could say. In many other countries people are generally more free sexually, it's not looked at as... as. wrong. Christ people need to lighten up, the lady made it sound like casual sex was about the worse thing a woman could ever do. All in all what I took away from this program was the thought once again that there are people out there that still hold onto the 19th century view that woman are "less than" and they don't know what is best for themselves. What's more that little spot between your legs girls... your not in control of it and you don't know how to handle it.

Cycling Nomad of Truth.....out

Comments on "Another excellent program on PBS"


Blogger budda43 said ... (4/18/2006 8:21 AM) : 

I've never previously heard of the alpha center and only made a quick read through of the links you provided in this post but I am interested in what you are specifically referring to when you say "points...claimed were scientific fact".

I ask because I didn't see any outright lies in my readthrough aside from the citing of some biased resources in regards to abortion and breast cancer. That, however, was followed up with a remark claiming the NCI did not believe abortion was a independent factor in breast cancer diagnosis.

I do not think that abstience first is a bad thing to teach your kids. I wish I had abstained before meeting my wife. We missed something special together because of that. However, I do think that denying contraceptive is an idiotic idea. Such action has never produced the desired effect and only contributes to preganancy and abortion statistics.


Blogger Bicycle Commuter Mike said ... (4/18/2006 5:10 PM) : 

Excelent post there Mr. Budda. The Alpha Center web site is to my surprise rather nutrual or "gentle" one could say. Believe me when they were interviewing Ms Unruh she let it all hang out. I'm convienced Ms Unruh hates sex (i'm kidding....I think.) The entire program she basically did not say one good thing about sex, it was a bit weird.

The whole denying birth control thing your right Budda, it does not work at all. As far as abstience goes, I don't know, it was just something I did when I was growing up I had sex so did my wife. For us anyway we just don't care, it was good times in high school for me and I'm sure my wife and I don't think either of us regret it one bit. Again this is only us, I'm only speaking of my wife and I, everyone's different.

One may say that "Oh bicycle commuter mike" your just missing something in your relationship since you two were not virgins when you married."......bullshit. My realtionship with my wife rocks and I dare anyone to prove me wrong. Budda, I'm not refering to you by any means of course.

Budda, thanks for the different view on the post. Different opinions are always welcome.

On my way up to Sioux Falls to hang out at the Alpha Center and kick back some beers with Leslee Unruh.....out


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