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April 07, 2006

Homeland security showing their force

What do you know, another story on police brutality. I guess this time a coupleHomeland security officers felt like beating on a teacher directing traffic and helping kids cross the street. Would you not agree that this teacher was doing something about as authentic and American as you can get... or humane to be exact? Look out ladies and gentleman, what ever you do not tell a Homeland security officer to move his car. In the case that you do need to tell a Homeland officer to move his car be prepared to be roughed up or shot.

I just love the Homeland Security Department's website . More to the point their "visions and values." I guess they left out the part about being jack booted, duck walking, storm trooper pigs. What is the deal with over powering and abusive cops, what a bunch of jerks.

I'm no fan of cops, I think many of them have a really shitty attitude, power issues and to top it off they can't even keep their marriages together... cheap shot you say, I'm a truth seeker look it up my friend. Yes I know we need cops, without them things would be very bad, I know that. That does not mean I have to like them and think that they are just the cat's meow. Not too long ago I worked with a guy who was about my age and had been in the military for 10 years. Much of his time in the military was spent in military police. He was the first one to say that most cops have a power issue and have to be cops because in the private sector they would be fired. Now he did not have any statistical proof of this claim of course, but I tend to believe him because #1 he is a huge supporter of cops #2 staunch Republican that loves security and #3 he was a very down to earth guy who was actually very intelligent and we had a really really good conversations even though we did not agree on much.

Almost forgot... I still want to know why our local cops are wearing black combat boots and black combat fatigues. I just saw one of these storm troopers today in a shop. I don't like them, I believe they feel they have more power than they actually have and I don't trust them. Lastly why do they wear an American flag patch on their arm that is actually a military American flag patch?


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