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May 14, 2006


I've got another line on an old bike from a guy at work. I've known about this all original "one of the first ones made" Bontrager for a while now but I'm getting serious about it finally. I've not seen it but the guy says that it is complete, original and "one of the first." He use to keep it on the other end of the road to ride where we work (I believe Grand Junction.) As a side bar he also has a "one of the first" Gary Fishers that I think he believes on keeping (that bike is in Salt Lake I believe.)

I ran this by my wife quickly and I got the "Jesus Christ" look, meaning I don't think she wants another bike in the sun room. Problem solved, Eric from Monkey Wrench Cycles said that they would like to have it up on their rack with all their other vintage mountain bikes. Sometime when this guy and I are in town at the same time I am going to run over and take a look at it, but there is the problem... we both have to be in town at the same time.


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