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May 01, 2006

Lincoln hates small business

Looks like our great Mayor coleen Seng wants too boot another local small business owner. Last year she tried to use immanent domain to boot 3 business owners so that a filthy rich hotel developer could have the land for an expensive hotel than many in Lincoln could not afford to stay at even if they wanted to. Result... she had the idea rammed up her ass by the city council and the good folks of Lincoln. Now coleen "hatchet" Seng wants to boot a hard working man and his family that has lived through untold problems in their lives to build a frick'n parking garage and office building.

See Lincoln has a downtown that is dead... DEAD. There's nothing downtown for the most part that anyone wants to see or visit. The one thing... the one thing that I do downtown is visit the bike shop and that is it. Downtown Lincoln is a drunk fest, pedestrian and bicycle unfriendly place to be. As a result our Mayor and Downtown Lincoln Association will do anything, they will stop at nothing to try and perk downtown up. Unfortunately they just go about it the wrong way.

This latest issue of heavy handed butchery of small business I hope dies a fast death. I think that it's wrong to do this to people. Further a city may compensate a business owner for the move but there are so many more costs involved that the city won't pay for. As a result, many businesses are just scrapping by and something like this forces them to close their doors.

I'm very disappointed in our Mayor, I'm further disappointed that I voted for her.


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