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May 13, 2006

Numbers and more numbers

I'm not much of a numbers guy but one does have to notice the subterranean Bush poll numbers. It's no secret as far as Presidents go second terms are generally rather rough be it Democrat or Republican. I'll say this though, is it really any surprise at all that GW's numbers are crazy low? I mean are you actually surprised? Your talking about a guy that has failed at EVERYTHING he has ever done. George as a business man is a total failure. The job of President is not totally unlike being a business man I would say.

I truly have to wonder how one could have actually thought that he would be a success as President. George was elected for just a few reasons. George told you that you needed to be afraid of terrorists, he told you that you were in immediate danger of getting blown up, He frightened the hell out of people by basically saying that "if you don't elect me your going to have married gays living next door to you" (parish the thought, they are such a sub human plague right??) Don't think for a second that he was elected for anything else because that was his only line of crap. People don't like to be afraid and George made them feel so much better and comfy as a result you now have a President that has an approval of 29%. 29% because of his policy, nothing more nothing less. Simple policy. 29% of Americans think he has good policy, no sex, nothing like that just plain and simple governing.

To the folks who voted for George... there you go you got what you wanted. Did you vote for him because you voted along party lines no matter who it was? I did that in the election of a Mayor once, I will never make that mistake again...ever.


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