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June 20, 2006

Dead troop = luggage?

I find it interesting that when one walks up a jetway into the concourse and looks out the window at the jet he just came in on that you would see a dead soldier being rolled down the conveyor belt what's more, this is taking place in driving rain just to be tossed into the back of a station wagon right in front of his family standing there watching. Remember folks when troops returning home in bags really had the ol' welcoming home via military transport. Not anymore, well not since 2,500 Americans are killed, guess it would be a bit expensive to transport them in military planes. I believe this individual was the 18 year old from Beatrice that was killed in Iraq.

Oh Donald... you sick human being, no actually your a monster. Would you please resign? I really don't find you to be qualified to run our defense department when you ship dead troops as luggage. You know I guess this all comes down to the thought that "oh those troops are working so hard, doing such a good job but when your dead your worthless to us."

I'm disgusted that our nation ships dead troops next to my dirty laundry in my suitcase.

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