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June 27, 2006

Fight the urge people suppress a natural need

For anyone out there really torn if they should stay "pure" until marriage or follow your true feelings and go get lit at the local bar and take home some sweet love, this article might help you to make that decision (or at least guilt you into suppressing a natural human feeling.) I absolutely love reading about abstinence only programs because they are put on such a pedestal, paid for by our government and last but not least a total dismal failure.

I was watching this news program not too long ago about this purity pledge convention where all of these dads haul their daughters to this big room and they chant this little pledge to stay pure. The weird thing was that all of these girls from ages 6 to 16 or so were all dressed in this get up that was all white and submissive looking (very weird and not unlike my neighborhood on a Sunday morning.) After they took the pledge they received a little "purity ring" (how sweet.) I find it really funny that all of these people pushing no sex until marriage say how the programs are such a huge success, but in reality study after study has shown that well over half of the girls taking the pledge are getting laid in less than a year (are they wearing the ring at that time?)

OK, to each their own, if that is what you believe in I don't have a problem with it. Although when you lie about it and distort the facts then I have a problem. Tell the truth and do not misrepresent the facts and you can preach your idea all day, just don't lie. For instance, many of these abstinence only programs put out that condoms are 31% infective at preventing HIV/AIDS. That is a bold face lie aimed at scaring young people into not having sex. Anyway, promote what you want just don't distort facts, that I have a problem with.

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