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June 04, 2006

George and his homophobe ideals

I guess G.W. does have a clue that his numbers are in the toilet. George is reviving his little "homophobe ideals" again by "coming out" (little play on words) and pushing for a Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Hey George, it's not going to happen you don't have two-thirds and you sure don't have 38 states.

It goes without saying George is trying to get his base back behind him by doing this. What happened to "I'm a uniter not a divider?" Guess that is old news. George knows he does not have the votes or the states for this so I guess he is playing the role of the divider right now. Just a little "up yours" to everyone who does not support him. I'd be equally disappointed if a President that I supported continually took little shots at the other side, it's cheap and it's not necessary.

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