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June 24, 2006

Lately I've been thinking about a 29" rigid mountain bike. I've rode one a couple times and they seem really nice on my old and rotting 33 year old body. So I'm down at Monkey Wrench (do you think they named the shop after the monkeys with the flaming red asses? just a thought) and Nate said I could take one of his personal bikes for a day and check it out, see what it's all about. He's got a couple ti 29's and I don't know if I want to throw down that kind of coin but never the less I'm going to check it out and do a bit of research. I'm not doing anything soon but I think I would like to build one up for good times. I think Surly makes a 29 that probably isn't to earth shattering expensive to get into so we'll see.

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Blogger 3p0 said ... (6/26/2006 9:51 PM) : 

redline mono cog,

or a karate monkey.

i'm in the same debate right now.

I'm leaning towards saving up for the monkey, so i can run gears.


Blogger Filemore said ... (6/29/2006 8:03 PM) : 

Or a Niner, Gunnar RockHound 29er, Soma, Salsa Dos Niner...

There are a lot of option for bikes that you don't see around town, but are still within the same price range as a KM.

The KM is pretty dope though too.


Blogger podunk said ... (7/31/2006 1:28 PM) : 

did you do some test-riding? How did it go?


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