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June 20, 2006

My recent read

I just finished reading The Death of Innocents. This book was written by Sister Helen Prejean and dealt with the issue of the death penalty (yes that is correct I read a book written by a religious icon, I told you that I was open.) More specifically prejean wrote about specific death penalty cases where the evidence was less than accurate to say the least and how our justice system works to avoid the nasties of a retrial. I'll say this, Supreme Court Justice Scalia our favorite conservative on the bench, he's ones sick son of a bitch.

I myself am totally against the death penalty I find the idea of a state executing it's citizens rather 19th century. I don't want to hear any "an for an eye" crap either. As human beings we are by nature flawed and our justice system well that takes flawed to a whole new level. That being said, the idea that we have in the past and will in the future execute innocent people is to me is about as immoral as you can get.

Anyway, take a look at the book if you want it's an interesting read. If your local get a hold of me and I'll loan it out to you or any other books we have.

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Blogger budda43 said ... (6/21/2006 11:51 AM) : 

I too hear the "eye for an eye" argument in the religious circles that I frequent.

However, I believe that any Christian who supports the death penalty has a serious misunderstanding of the message of Jesus. When mankind takes it upon themselves to decide who deserves life and who deserves death, we've crossed into the dangerous territory of thinking we're God.

The death penalty is the ultimate punishment - I believe only the ultimate power should have the authority to dole it out.


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